Inventory # Title Year Author Copies Donor
IN0035 2013 British Coins Market Values 2012 Lee / MyHobbyStore Ltd. 1  
IN0031 A Catalog of Modern World Coins, 5th ed. 1962 Yeoman 1  
IN0023 A Catalogue of 'Abbasid Copper Coins 1998 Shamma 1  
IN0032 A Charlton Standard Catalogue Canadian Coins, 68th ed Vol.1 Numismatic Issues 2014 Cross 1  
IN0175 A Collectors' View of Matte Proof Lincoln Cent Dies 1909-1916 2013 Waltz 2  
IN0066 A Guide and Checklist World Notgeld 1914-1947 2000 Coffing 1  
IN0149 A Guide Book of Civil War Tokens 2013 Bowers 2  
IN0141 A Guide Book of the Official Red Book of United States Coins 2009 Colletti 1  
IN0143 A Guide Book of United States Coins 1st ed. Commemorative reissue 2007 Yeoman 1  
IN0142 A Guide Book of United States Coins 50th ed. 1997 Yeoman 1  
IN0140 A Guide Book of United States Coins Deluxe Edition 1st ed. 2015 Yeoman 1 Patrick McBride
IN0364 A Guide Book of United States Coins Deluxe Edition 1st ed. (mega redbook) 2015 Yeoman, Bressett, Bowers, Garrett 1 Patrick McBride
IN0010 A Hoard from Side, ANS Numismatic Notes & Monographs #22 1924 Seltman 1  
IN0348 A Hoard of Coins From Eastern Parthia 1990 Koch 1 Pegasi
IN0359 A Hundred and One Coins 1973 Cardiff 1 Pegasi
IN0081 A Kid's Guide to Collecting Coins 2011 Sieber 1  
IN0289 A Manual of Roman Coins from the Early Republic to the Fall of the Empire (335 BC-476 AD) 1968 Boyne 1 Pegasi
IN0073 A Quick Reference to the Top Lincoln Cent Die Varieties 1997 Wagnon, Peterson, & Flynn 2  
IN0351 A Selection of Ancient Gems from the Collection of Burton Y. Berry 1965 Indiana U. Art Museum 1 Pegasi
IN0165 A Study of Matte Proof Lincoln Cents 1909-1916 2015 Waltz 1  
IN0009 Alexander Hoards I, ANS Numismatic Notes & Monographs #1 1921 Newell 1  
IN0089 Alpert's Catalogue of Charge Coins 2003 Alpert 1  
IN0286 America's Large Cent 1996 Kleeberg 1 Pegasi
IN0116 America's Money, America”s Story 2nd ed. 2008 Doty 1  
IN0365 American Gold and Silver: U.S. Mint Collector and Investor Coins and Medals, Bicentennial to Date 2016 Tucker 1 Dennis Tucker
IN0238 American Journal of Numismatics 16-17 Second Series 2005 Amer. Num. Society 1 Pegasi
IN0315 American Journal of Numismatics 21 2nd Series 2009 The Amer. Numismatic Society 1 Pegasi
IN0114 American Numismatics Before the Civil War 1760-1860 1998 Bowers 1  
IN0103 American Numismatist 2011 Hollis 1  
IN0054 American Railroad Stock Certificates 1980 Hendy 1  
IN0300 Amulets of Ancient Egypt 1994 Andrews 1 Pegasi
IN0232 An Introduction to Celtic Coins 1978 Allen 1 Pegasi
IN0340 An Inventory of Greek Coin Hoards 1973 Thompson/Morkholm/Kraay 1 Pegasi
IN0134 ANA Certification Series Counterfeit Detection Reports Series 1 ANA 1  
IN0273 Analytical Index to the Journal International D'Archeologie Numismatique 1967 Jones 1 Pegasi
IN0332 Ancient and Medieval Coins Selections for The Numismatist Curtis 1 Pegasi
IN0255 Ancient Gems The Engraved Gems of Classical Times 1969 Middleton 1 Pegasi
IN0249 Ancient Greek and Roman Bronzes 1969 Lamb 1 Pegasi
IN0001 Ancient Greek Coins 1972 Jenkins 1  
IN0219 Ancient Medieval Modern Coins and how to know them 1966 Rawlings 1 Pegasi
IN0222 Ancient Numismatics, An Introduction to the Coinage of Greece and Rome 1969 Regling 1 Pegasi
IN0274 Ancient Numismatics: A Brief Introduction 1958 Sutherland 1 Pegasi
IN0303 Ancient Thrace, Contributions to the study of the early Thracian Tribal Coinage … 2003 Topalov 1 Pegasi
IN0208 Arabic Coins and How to Read Them 1973 Plant 1 Andy Singer
IN0321 Arte E Civilta Nella Moneta Greca 1963 Rosati 1 Pegasi
IN0314 Bizans Sikkeleri (Byzantine Coins) 1999 Tekin 1 Pegasi
IN0178 British Coins Market Values 2013 Coins 1  
IN0329 British Colonial Coins and Tokens 1962 Scaife, Jr. 1 Pegasi
IN0070 British Historical Medals Vol. 3 1995 Brown 1  
IN0308 British Tokens and Their Values 1970 Seaby 1 Pegasi
IN0158 By Chance a Winner The History of Lotteries 1972 Sullivan 1  
IN0021 Byzantine Coins 1973 Whitting 1  
IN0313 Byzantine Coins 1971 Bates 1 Pegasi
IN0306 Byzantine Numismatic Bibliography 1950-1965 1968 Malter 1 Pegasi
IN0277 Canadian Silver Dollars 1961 Gilmore 1 Pegasi
IN0211 Catalogue of Scandinavian Coins 1970 Hobson 1 Andy Singer
IN0042 Checklist of Islamic Coins, 3rd ed. 2011 Album 1  
IN0041 Chinese Banknotes 1970 Smith / Matravers 1  
IN0155 Civil War Sutler Tokens & Cardboard Scrip 2nd ed. 2014 Schenkman 1  
IN0296 Classical Deception Counterfeits, Forgeries and Reproductions of Ancient Coins 2001 Sayles 1 Pegasi
IN0225 Coin Collecting 1905 Hazlitt 1 Pegasi
IN0195 Coin Collecting Albums A Complete History & Catalog Vol.1 The National Coin Album 2013 Lange 1 David Lange
IN0194 Coin Collecting Boards of the 1930”s & 1940”s 2007 Lange 1 David Lange
IN0123 Coin Collecting for the Next Generation 2011 Flynn 1 Kevin Flynn
IN0083 Coin Worlds Making the Grade 3rd ed. 2012 Deisher 1  
IN0036 Coin Yearbook 2014 2014 Mussel / Token Publishing Ltd. 1  
IN0030 Coinage and Currency in Eighteenth Century Britain, The Provincial Coinage 2011 Dykes / Spink 1  
IN0018 Coinage and History of the Roman Empire, Vol. 1 History 1999 Vagi 1  
IN0019 Coinage and History of the Roman Empire, Vol. 2 Coinage 1999 Vagi 1  
IN0244 Coinage in Roman Imperial Policy 31 B.C.-A.D. 68 1971 Sutherland 1 Pegasi
IN0291 Coinage in the Roman World 1987 Burnett 1 Pegasi
IN0264 Coinage of Triumvirs, Antony, Lepidus, and Octavian, Illustrative of The History of the Times 1977 Grueber 1 Pegasi
IN0060 Coins An Illustrated Survey 650 BC to the Present 1980 Price, editor 1  
IN0272 Coins and Christianity 1959 Jacob 1 Pegasi
IN0309 coins and Investment A Consumer's Guide 1986 Andrew 1 Pegasi
IN0221 Coins and the Archaeologist 1988 Seaby 1 Pegasi
IN0007 Coins as Living History 1976 Schwwarz 2  
IN0029 Coins of England & the United Kingdom, 45th ed. 2010 Spink 1  
IN0358 Coins of England and the United Kingdom 1978 Seaby 1 Pegasi
IN0193 Coins of Scotland, Ireland and the Islands including Anglo-Gallic Coins 2015 Spink 1 Del Parker
IN0206 Coins of the Ancient Celts 1980 Allen 1 Andy Singer
IN0338 Coins of the World 1750-1850 2nd Edition 1971 Craig 1 Pegasi
IN0231 Coins through the Ages 1961 Brown 1 Pegasi
IN0148 Collecting and Investing Strategies for Walking Liberty Half Dollars 2008 Ambio 1  
IN0064 Collecting Confederate Paper Money Field ed 2008 Fricke 1  
IN0252 Collecting Greek Coins 1977 Sear 2 Pegasi
IN0350 Collections Numismatiques L'Empire Romain Tome 1 (31 av. J.-C. - 96 ap. J.-C.) Bourgey/Depeyrot 1 Pegasi
IN0241 Collector's Guide to Modern Federal Reserve Notes Series 1963-2009 2011 Azpiazu 1 Pegasi
IN0173 Commemorative Coins of the U.S. A Complete Encyclopedia 1991 Bowers 1  
IN0320 Comprehensive Catalog and History of Confederate Bonds 1996 Ball 1 Pegasi
IN0049 Comprehensive Catalog of Military Payment Certificates,4th ed. 2002 Schwan 1  
IN0086 Comprehensive Catalog of U. S. Paper Money 6th ed. 1997 Hessler 1  
IN0051 Comprehensive Catalog of U.S. Paper Money,6th ed. 1997 Hessler 1  
IN0053 Confederate and Southern States Currency, Criswell's Currency Series, Vol.1 Criswell 1  
IN0243 Confederate States Paper Money 8th Edition 1993 Slabaugh 1 Pegasi
IN0245 Confederate States Paper Money 11th Edition 2008 Cuhaj, editor 1 Pegasi
IN0339 Copper Coins of Austria-Hungary 1962 Eklund 1 Pegasi
IN0343 Copper Coins of Denmark and Her Possessions Eklund 1 Pegasi
IN0261 Copper Coins of Italy excluding The Coins of Papal State Eklund 1 Pegasi
IN0345 Copper Coins of Luxemburg 1961 Eklund 1 Pegasi
IN0337 Copper Coins of Norway Eklund 1 Pegasi
IN0341 Copper Coins of Portugal 1962 Eklund 1 Pegasi
IN0278 Copper Quotes by Robinson 18th Edition 2006 Robinson 1 Pegasi
IN0229 Die Spatromische Kupferpragung 1961 Bruck 1 Pegasi
IN0357 Domestic and Foreign Coins Manufactured by Mints of the United States 1792-1965 1 Pegasi
IN0177 Early Quarter Dollars of the United States Mint 2010 Peterson, Karoleff and Kovach 1  
IN0174 Early U.S. Gold Coin Varieties 2006 Dannreuther & Bass 1  
IN0347 East India Co. British India Native Indian States 1955 Wayte Raymond, Inc. 1 Pegasi
IN0356 East India Co. British India Native Indian State 1955 Wayte Raymond, Inc. 1 Pegasi
IN0217 Emergency Money of Germany Upton 1 Andy Singer
IN0371 Ency.of United States + Colonial Proof Coins 1722-1977 1977 Breen 1 Richard Cross
IN0027 English Hammered Coinage, Vol.1 1975 North 1 Andy Singer
IN0028 English Hammered Coinage, Vol.2 1975 North 1 Andy Singer
IN0200 European Crowns 1484-1600 1985 Davenport 1 Andy Singer
IN0201 European Crowns 1600-1700 1974 Davenport 1 Andy Singer
IN0202 European Crowns 1700-1800 1961 Davenport 1 Andy Singer
IN0223 European Crowns 1700-1800 1961 Davenport 1 Pegasi
IN0131 Experiments in Aluminum Coinage 2013 Wexler & Flynn 1  
IN0144 Fascinating Facts, Mysteries, & Myths About U.S, Coins 2009 Ryzin 1  
IN0270 Fel. Temp. Reparatio 1977 Mattingly 1 Pegasi
IN0126 Flying Eagle and Indian Cent Die Varieties 1995 Steve & Flynn 2  
IN0164 Flying Eagle, Indian Cent, Two Cent, and Three Cent Doubled Dies 1999 Flynn 1 Kevin Flynn
IN0203 German Church & City Talers 1600-1700 1975 Davenport 1 Andy Singer
IN0205 German Secular Talers 1600-1700 1976 Davenport 1 Andy Singer
IN0204 German Talers 1700-1800 1958 Davenport 1 Andy Singer
IN0234 German War Tokens “Notgeld” 1948 Eklund 1 Pegasi
IN0125 Getting Your Two Cents Worth 1994 Flynn 1 Kevin Flynn
IN0025 Gold Coins of the World, Complete from 600 A.D. to 1958 1958 Friedberg 1  
IN0026 Gold Coins of the World, Complete from 600 A.D. to the Present 1976 Friedberg 1  
IN0239 Gold Myth and Reality 1985 Swiss Bank Corporation 1 Pegasi
IN0146 Grading Coins by Photographs 2008 Bowers 1  
IN0189 Grading Guide for Early American Coins 2014 Eckberg, Fagaly, Fuoss, Williams 1 Denis Loring for EAC
IN0297 Greek Coins and Their Values 1975 Seaby 1 Pegasi
IN0013 Greek Coins and Their Values, Vol. 1 Europe 1978 Sear / Seabys 1  
IN0015 Greek Coins and Their Values, Vol. 1 Europe 2008 Sear / Spink 2  
IN0014 Greek Coins and Their Values, Vol. 2 Asia & Africa 1978 Sear / Seabys 1  
IN0016 Greek Coins and Their Values, Vol. 2 Asia & Africa 2008 Sear / Spink 2  
IN0282 Greek Gold and Silver Coins in the McGill University Collection Vol II 1975 Shlosser 1 Pegasi
IN0218 Greek Imperial Coins Seaby 1 Andy Singer
IN0305 Green Coins & History Some current problems 1969 Kraay 1 Pegasi
IN0292 Guide to Biblical Coins, 3rd Edition 1996 Hendin 1 Pegasi
IN0020 Guide to Biblical Coins, 4th ed 2001 Hendin 1  
IN0156 Guidebook of Franklin Mint Issues 1980 ed 1980 Krause 1  
IN0250 Handbook of Greek and Roman Coins Head 1 Pegasi
IN0310 Helbig Collections of Antiquities in Rome I 1895 Helbig 1 Pegasi
IN0091 Helpful Hints for Enjoying Coin Collecting 1999 Fivaz 1  
IN0012 Historia Numorum, A Manual of Greek Numismatics 1967 Head 1  
IN0334 Historical References to Coins of the Roman Empire Sydenham 1 Pegasi
IN0285 Historical Roman Coins 1966 Hill 1 Pegasi
IN0120 History of the United States Mint and Its Coinage 2005 Lange 1  
IN0159 Hobo Nickel Guidebook 2001 Alpert 1  
IN0254 How to Read Greek Coins Pennington 1 Pegasi
IN0298 How You Can Make Big Profits Investing in Coins 1972 Forman 1 Pegasi
IN0287 Identifying Roman Coins 1986 Reece/James 1 Pegasi
IN0331 Indian and Post Trader Tokens 1951 Curto 1 Pegasi
IN0275 Interpreting the Past COINS 1991 Burnett 1 Pegasi
IN0353 Introduction to East Roman Coinage 1960 Lhotka 2 Pegasi
IN0008 Italian Cast Coinage, Italian Aes Grave 1979 Vecchi 1  
IN0257 Japanese coinage 1972 Jacobs/Vermeule 1 Pegasi
IN0135 John Hull A Builder of the Bay Colony 1993 Clarke 1  
IN0283 La Moneta Di Roma Repvbblicana 1966 Rosati 1 Pegasi
IN0304 La Moneta Romana 2001 Electa 1 Pegasi
IN0259 La Monnaie De Rome a la Fin De la Republique Undiscours en images 1989 Perez 1 Pegasi
IN0302 La Republique Romaine 1988 Bourgey 1 Pegasi
IN0216 Las Monedas Hispano Musulmanas y Christianas 711-1981 1981 Castan/Cayon 1  
IN0040 Latin American Tokens, A Guide Book and Catalog 1700-1920 1992 Rulau 1  
IN0349 Les Monnaies De Cuivre Liegeoises (1378-1763) (in French) 1968 Jean De Mey 1 Pegasi
IN0122 Liberty Seated Dime Book cut in half 1977 Ahwash 1  
IN0071 Lincoln's Metallic Imagery 2015 Cunningham 1 Paul Cunningham
IN0251 Livro Das Moedas De Portugal Book of the Coins of Portugal 1988 Vaz/Salgado 1 Pegasi
IN0190 Making the Grade, 3rd ed 2012 Deisher 1 Jeff Starck
IN0191 Medal Artists: Who's Who Among American Medalists 2015 Johnson 1 D. Wayne Johnson
IN0069 Medallic Portraits of Washington 2nd. ed. 1999 Rulau & Fuld 1  
IN0080 Medals of the United States Mint 1977 Julian 2  
IN0068 Medals of the United States Mint Issued for Public Sale 1974 Failor 1  
IN0256 Mediaeval and Modern Coins in the Athenian Agora 1978 Amer. School of Class. Studies Athens 1 Pegasi
IN0022 Medieval Coins in the Christian J. Thomsen Collection, Vol. 1 1992 Erslev 1  
IN0034 Mexican Beauty / Belleza Mexicana, Un Peso Caballito 2014 Schein 2 Alan Schein
IN0180 Military Payment Certificates 2002 Schwan 1  
IN0209 Monedas Portuguesas 1128-1988 1987 Comes 1 Andy Singer
IN0210 Monedas Portuguesas Edo Territorio Que Hoje e Portugal 2007 Comes 1 Andy Singer
IN0220 Monete Italiane, Catalogo Illustrato Con Descrizioni Gradi di Rarita e Prezzi Indicativi 1972 Frisione 1 Pegasi
IN0039 Money of the World 1978 Doty 1  
IN0311 Money, Markets, and Trade in Early Southeast Asia 1992 Wicks 1 Pegasi
IN0233 Monnaies Byzantines 1955 Sabatier 1 Pegasi
IN0323 Monter Og Medaljer 1979 Grandt-Nielsen 1 Pegasi
IN0167 Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars 1981 Van Allen & Mallis 1  
IN0105 Morgan Dollar Overdates, Over Mint Marks, Misplaced Dates, and Clashed E Reverses 1998 Flynn 2 Kevin Flynn
IN0378 National Bank Notes Fifth Edition 2006 Kelly 1 Richard Cross
IN0370 National Bank Notes A guide with Prices 4th edition 2004 Kelly 1 Richard Cross
IN0375 National Bank Notes A guide with prices 2nd edition 1985 Kelly 1 Richard Cross
IN0052 National Bank Notes, 3rd ed 1997 Kelly 2 Richard Cross
IN0056 National Banks of the United States 1863-1935, 1st ed. 1977 Steinmetz 2  
IN0145 NGC Grading Guide for Modern U.S. Coins 2004 Montgomery & Lange 4  
IN0207 Numismata Orientalia Illustrata 1977 Album 1 Andy Singer
IN0074 Numismatic Art in America 1971 Vermeule 1  
IN0157 Numismatic Issues of the Franklin Mint 1969 ed 1969 Franklin Mint 1  
IN0213 Nuremberg and Nuremberg Style Jetons 2002 Fauver 1 Andy Singer
IN0196 Obsolete Paper Money Issued by Banks in the United States 1782-1866 2006 Bowers 1 Perry Goldberg
IN0133 Official Guide to Coin Grading and Counterfeit Detection 1997 Travers & Dannreuther 1  
IN0106 Ohio Merchant Tokens 1st ed. 1986 Lipscomb 1  
IN0075 Ohio Merchant Tokens 2nd ed. 1994 Lipscomb 2  
IN0192 One Hundred Years of American Medallic Art 1845-1945, The John Marquesee Collection 2012 Luftschein 1 Harry Waterson
IN0055 Paper Money of the United States, 13th ed. 1992 Friedberg 1  
IN0318 Paper Money of the United States, 15th Edition 1998 Friedberg 1 Pegasi
IN0372 Paper Money of the United States, 2nd edition 1955 Friedberg 1 Richard Cross
IN0290 Paper Money of the United States, 5th Edition 1964 Friedberg 1 Pegasi
IN0374 Paper Money of the United States, 8th edition 1975 Friedberg 1 Richard Cross
IN0346 Patrick Mint Tokens 1976-1979 1999 Patrick 1 Pegasi
IN0107 Patriotic Civil War Tokens 1997 Fuld 1  
IN0078 Pennsylvania Merchant Tokens 2000 Aqua 1  
IN0062 Pennsylvania Obsolete Notes and Scrip 1985 Hoober 1  
IN0162 Penny Whimsy 1976 Sheldon 1  
IN0163 Penny Whimsy 1990 Sheldon 1  
IN0271 PLVS VLTRA The Historical Roots of Our Monetary System 1992 The Newark Museum 1 Pegasi
IN0172 Private Gold Coinage of California 1849-55 Its History and its issues 1913 Adams 1  
IN0121 Private Gold Coins and Patterns of the United States 1981 Kagin 2  
IN0267 Reading and Dating Roman Imperial Coins 1982 Klawans 1 Pegasi
IN0307 Roman Coins and their Values 1970 Sear 1 Pegasi
IN0002 Roman Coins 1974 Sutherland 1  
IN0224 Roman Coins 1987 Mattingly 1 Pegasi
IN0288 Roman Coins From the Earliest Times to the Fall of the Western Empire 1987 Mattingly 1 Pegasi
IN0301 Roman Coins and how to collect them 1983 Fox 1 Pegasi
IN0235 Roman Coins and their Values 1981 Sear 1 Pegasi
IN0299 Roman Coins and their Values 1964 Sear 1 Pegasi
IN0237 Roman Coins and their Values 2nd ed. 1974 Sear 1 Pegasi
IN0294 Roman Imperial Coinage Vol. 1 Augustus to Vitellius 1948 Mattingly 1 Pegasi
IN0328 Roman Republican Coin Hoards 1969 Crawford 1 Pegasi
IN0003 Roman Silver Coins 1978 Seaby 1  
IN0226 Roman Silver Coins Vol II Tiberius- Commodus 1954 Seaby 1 Pegasi
IN0004 Roman Silver Coins, Vol. 2 3rd ed. 1978 Seaby 1  
IN0005 Roman Silver Coins, Vol. 3 3rd ed. 1978 Seaby 1  
IN0006 Roman Silver Coins, Vol. 3 4rd ed. 1978 Seaby 1  
IN0319 Romerske monter I Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek 1982 Albrethsen 1 Pegasi
IN0240 Sammlung uberseeischer Munzen und Medaillen 1970 Weyl 1 Pegasi
IN0102 Scott's Comprehensive Catalogue and Encyclopedia of U.S. Coins 1971 Taxay 1  
IN0295 Select Numismatic Bibliography 1965 Clain-Stefanelli 1 Pegasi
IN0188 Selected Washington Medals and Tokens: 1792-1977 1984 Pessolano-Filos 2  
IN0336 Shanghai Museum Chinese Numismatics Gallery 1 Pegasi
IN0168 Silver & Gold Commemorative Coins 1981 Swiatek & Breen 3 Richard Cross
IN0199 Silver Gulden 1559-1763 1992 Davenport 1 Andy Singer
IN0072 So-Called Dollars 2008 Hibler & Kappen 1  
IN0335 Spain Spanish American Mints and Filipinas 1956 Wayte Raymond, Inc. 1 Pegasi
IN0215 Standard Catalog German Coins 1601-Present 1994 Bruce, editor 1 Andy Singer
IN0050 Standard Catalog of Stocks & Bonds 2002 Stahlberg 1  
IN0179 Standard Catalog of Stocks & Bonds 2002 Stahlberg 1  
IN0136 Standard Catalog of United States Altered and Counterfeit Coins 1979 Hancock & Spanbauer 2  
IN0316 Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money 5th Edition 1986 Krause 1 Pegasi
IN0368 Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money 9th edition 1990 Krause + Lemki 1 Richard Cross
IN0067 Standard Catalog of United States Tokens 1700-1900 1999 Rulau 1  
IN0101 Standard Catalog of United States Tokens 1700-1900 1st ed. 1994 Rulau 1  
IN0379 Standard Catalog of World Coins Volume 1 1985 Krause + Mishler 1 Richard Cross
IN0214 Standard Catalog of World Coins 1601-1700 4th. ed. 2008 Bruce, editor 1 Larry Korchnak
IN0380 Standard Catalog of World Coins Volume 2 1986 Krause + Mishler 1 Richard Cross
IN0044 Standard Catalog of World Coins, Vol. 1 1985 Bruce, editor 1  
IN0045 Standard Catalog of World Coins, Vol. 2 1985 Bruce, editor 1  
IN0046 Standard Catalog of World Crowns and Talers 1994 Bruce, editor 1  
IN0043 Standard Catalog of World Gold Coins, 3rd ed. 1993 Bruce, editor 2  
IN0047 Standard Catalog of World Paper Money 8th ed. Vol. 2 1996 Pick 1  
IN0048 Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, 15th ed. 2009 Cuhaj, editor 1  
IN0236 Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money 1928 to Date 9th Edition 2009 Schwartz & Lindquist 1 Pegasi
IN0090 Standard Guide to Small-size U.S. Paper Money 9th ed. 2009 Schwartz & Lindquist 1  
IN0061 Standard Guide to Small-size U.S. Paper Money, 9th ed Schwartz / Lindquist 1  
IN0253 Standard Premium List of all Rare United States and Early American Coins 1930 Raymond 1 Pegasi
IN0212 Standard Price Guide to World Crowns & Talers 1484-1968 1982 Draskovic 1 Andy Singer
IN0362 The $2.50 & $5 Gold Indians of Bela Lyon Pratt 2016 Schein 2 Allan Schein
IN0132 The Accugrade System Vol.2 1984 Hager 2  
IN0176 The American Numismatic Association Anthology 1991 Carlson & Hodder 1  
IN0263 The Ancient Coins of Central Asia (text in Russian) 1987 E. Rtveladze 1 Pegasi
IN0038 The Art and Craft of Coinmaking, A History of Minting Technology 1988 Cooper / Spink 1  
IN0037 The Art of Coins and Their Photography 1981 Hoberman 1  
IN0077 The Art of the Medal 1979 Jones 1  
IN0082 The Assay Medals and The Assay Commissions 1983 Pessolano-Filos 1  
IN0128 The Atwood-Coffee Catalogue of United States and Canadian Transportation Tokens 5th ed. 2014 Wexler & Flynn 1  
IN0152 The Atwood-Coffee Catalogue of United States and Canadian Transportation Tokens 5th ed. 1996 Coffee & Ford 1  
IN0129 The Authoritative Reference on Liberty Seated Half Dimes 2014 Wexler & Flynn 1  
IN0130 The Authoritative Reference on Liberty Seated Twenty Cents 2013 Wexler & Flynn 1  
IN0127 The Authoritative Reference on Mercury Dimes 1999 Wexler & Flynn 1  
IN0324 The Banknote Yearbook 8th Edition 2013 Mussel / Token Publishing Ltd. 1 Pegasi
IN0228 The Beauty and Lore of Coins Currency and Medals 1975 Clain-Stefanelli 1 Pegasi
IN0276 The Byron Reed Collection of Important American Coins and Manuscripts 1996 Spink America 1 Pegasi
IN0063 The Celebrated Albert A. Grinnel Collection of United States Paper Money, #327 of 1000 1971 Anton / Perlmutter 1  
IN0147 The Cherrypicker's Guide to rare die varieties 2nd ed. 1991 Fivaz & Stanton 1  
IN0265 The Coin Types of the INDO-GREEK KINGS 256-54 B.C. 1955 Narain 1 Pegasi
IN0227 The Coinage of Ancient and Medieval India 1969 Rapson 3 Pegasi
IN0355 The Coinage of Augustus 1977 Sydenham 1 Pegasi
IN0312 The Coinage of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Italian Somalia 1991 Gill 1 Pegasi
IN0325 The Coinage of Lydia and Persia 1876 Head 1 Pegasi
IN0327 The Coinage of Partha 1968 Gardner 1 Pegasi
IN0230 The Coinage of South Germany in the Thirteen Century 1961 Metcalf 1 Pegasi
IN0248 The Coinage of Sybaris After 510 B.C. 1977 Kraay 1 Pegasi
IN0262 The Coinage of The Civil Wars of 68-69 A.D. 1977 Mattingly 2 Pegasi
IN0352 The Coinage of The European Continent Middle Ages - 20th Century 1974 Hazlitt 1 Pegasi
IN0344 The Coinage of The Roman Republic 1976 Sydenham 1 Pegasi
IN0266 The coinage of Vindex and Galba A.D. 68 and the Continuity of the Augustan Principate 1977 Kraay 2 Pegasi
IN0361 The Complete Book of United States Coin Collecting 1971 Davis 1 Pegasi
IN0166 The Complete Guide to Buffalo Nickels 1992 Lange 2  
IN0154 The Copper Collector's Guide to the Identification of 2x2 Envelopes 2012 Rucker & Bland 1 Denis Loring
IN0084 The Currency of Fame Portrait Medals of the Renaissance 1994 Scher 1  
IN0269 The Date of the Roman Denarius and Other Landmarks in Early Roman Coinage 1970 Mattingly/Robinson 1 Pegasi
IN0169 The Die Varieties of United States Large Cents 1840-1857 2001 Grellman 1  
IN0360 The Ducal Talers and Multiples of Bavaria Prior to 1800 1954 Hecht 1 Pegasi
IN0373 The Early Paper Money of America 4th edition Newman 1 Richard Cross
IN0095 The Early Paper Money of America 1st ed. 1967 Newman 1  
IN0098 The Early Paper Money of America 4th ed. 1997 Newman 1  
IN0096 The Early Paper Money of America 5th ed. 2008 Newman 1  
IN0138 The Fantastic 1804 Dollar Tribute ed 1962 Newman & Bressett 1  
IN0113 The Garrett Collection Sale Part 1 Hardbound with PRL 1979 Bowers & RuddyGalleries 1  
IN0354 The Geneva Forgeries 1977 Carson 1 Pegasi
IN0376 The Gobrecht Journal First Edition 1980 Ahwash 1 Richard Cross
IN0092 The History of United States Coinage, As Illustrated by the Garrett Collection 1979 Bowers 4 Richard Cross
IN0342 The Illustrated Grading Guide To Ancient Numismatics 1977 Ladd 1 Pegasi
IN0033 The International Dictionary of Numismatics 1996 Carlton 1  
IN0118 The International Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Numismatics 1996 Carlton 1  
IN0293 The Kennedy World in Medallic Art Rice 1 Pegasi
IN0366 The Kennedy World in Medallic Art 2014 Rice 1 Tom Uram
IN0280 The McGill University Collection of Greek and Roman Coins Vol. 1 Roman Coins 1975 Woloch 1 Pegasi
IN0151 The Medallic History of the United States of America1776-1876 1967 Loubat 1  
IN0085 The Medals Decorations & Orders of the Second World War 2004 Purves 1  
IN0088 The Medals Decorations & Orders of the Second World War 2nd ed. 1989 Purves 1  
IN0333 The Modern Coinage of Kutch 1952 Clark 1 Pegasi
IN0317 The Morphology of Coins 1970 Keary 1 Pegasi
IN0260 The Numbering of The Victories of The Emperor Gallienus and of the Loyalty of his Legions 1977 Alfoldi 2 Pegasi
IN0087 The Official Inaugural Medals of the Presidents of the United States 1971 Dusterberg 1  
IN0242 The Origin of Currency and Weight Standards 1976 Ridgeway 1 Pegasi
IN0246 The Pattern of Bronze Coinage Under Constantine I Sixth Series Vol. XVII 1957 Kent 1 Pegasi
IN0284 The Picus 1992 Gainor/McDonald 1 Pegasi
IN0268 The Pre-Reform Coinage of Diocletian 1977 Webb 1 Pegasi
IN0079 The Queen Lovisa Ulrika Collection of Numismatic Literature 2001 Strandberg 1  
IN0115 The Rare Silver Dollars Dated 1804 1999 Bowers 1  
IN0258 The Roman “Serrati” 1977 Mattingly 1 Pegasi
IN0171 The Shield Five Cent Series A Comprehensive Listing of Known Varieties 1994 Fletcher 1  
IN0150 The Standard Catalogue of Encased Postage Stamps 1989 Hodder & Bpwers 1  
IN0110 The Standard Guide to the Lincoln Cent 4th ed. 1999 Taylor 1  
IN0017 The Syro-Phoenician Tetradrachms and Their Fractions 2000 Prieur 1  
IN0139 The Top 100 R4 and R5 Capped Bust Half Dollar Varieties & Sub-Varieties 2002 Sounders 1  
IN0124 The Top Morgan Dollar Die Varieties 2015 Flynn 1 Kevin Flynn
IN0247 The Twelve Caesars 1957 Suetonius 1 Pegasi
IN0119 The U.S. Mint and Coinage 1966 Taxay 1  
IN0117 The Ultimate Guide to Attributing Bust Half Dollar Varieties 4th ed. 2012 Peterson 1  
In0099 The United States Branch Mint at Charlotte, North Carolina 1988 Birdsall 1  
IN0187 The United States Early Silver Dollars From 1794 to 1803 1950 Bolender 2 Richard Cross
IN0137 The United States Trade Dollar 1965 Willem 1  
IN0076 The Venus Numismatic Dictionary 1983 Pessolano-Filos 1  
IN0153 Third Party Grading/Certification Services & Slab/Certificate Varieties Conder101 1  
IN0281 Token Catalog and Handbook 18th Century Tokens as catalogued by Dalton + Hamer 1991 Davisson 1 Pegasi
IN0112 Treasure Hunting Liberty Head Nickels 1st ed. 1999 Wexler & Flynn 2  
IN0111 Treasure Hunting Mercury Dimes 1st ed.Treasure Hunting Mercury Dimes 1st ed. 1999 Wexler & Flynn 3  
IN0381 Treasure Hunting the Top 20th and 21st Century U.S. Coins 2017 Wexler + Flynn 1 Kevin Flynn
IN0363 Truth Seeker: The Life of Eric P. Newman 2016 Augsburger, Burdette, Orosz 1 Donald Carlucci
IN0011 Two Hoards of Attic Bronze Coins, ANS Numismatic Notes & Monographs #42 1930 Bellinger 1  
IN0186 U.S. Double Eagles 1849-1933 1982 Akers 1  
IN0185 U.S. Eagles 1795-1933 1980 Akers 1  
IN0181 U.S. Gold Dollars 1849-1889 1975 Akers 1  
IN0184 U.S. Half Eagles 1795-1929 1979 Akers 1  
IN0182 U.S. Quarter Eagles 1796-1929 1975 Akers 1  
IN0183 U.S. Three Dollar Gold Pieces 1854-1929 1976 Akers 1  
IN0094 Uniform Buttons of the United States 1776-1865 1997 Tice 1  
IN0170 United States Copper Cents 1986 Newcomb 1  
IN0377 United States Gold Coins An Analysis of Auction Records Vol.3 1976 Akers 1 Richard Cross
IN0100 United States Gold Coins An Illustrated History 1982 Bowers 2 Richard Cross
IN0322 United States Paper Money Errors 2nd Edition 2003 Bart 1 Pegasi
IN0108 United States Pattern, Experimental and Trial Pieces 6th ed. 1977 Judd 1  
IN0104 United States Patterns 1975 Akers 1  
IN0369 United States Trade Tokens 1866-1889 1983 Rulau 1 Richard Cross
IN0093 United States Type Coins 1986 Stack 1  
IN0065 US Error Note Encyclopedia 1997 Sullivan 1  
IN0161 Walter Breen's Encyclopedia of Early United States Cents 2000 Breen 1  
IN0109 Walter Breen's Encyclopedia of United States and Colonial Proof Coins 2nd ed. 1989 Breen 1  
IN0367 Walter Breen's Encyclopedia of United States Half Cents 1983 Breen 1 Richard Cross
IN0326 Warman's Coins & Currency 1995 Berman and Malloy 1 Pegasi
IN0024 Wealth of the Ancient World, The Nelson Bunker Hunt and William Herbert Hunt Collections 1983 Kimbell Art Museum 1  
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