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IN0134 ANA Certification Series Counterfeit Detection Reports Series 1 ANA  
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IN0356 East India Co. British India Native Indian State 1955 Wayte Raymond, Inc. Pegasi
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IN0028 English Hammered Coinage, Vol.2 1975 North Andy Singer
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IN0026 Gold Coins of the World, Complete from 600 A.D. to the Present 1976 Friedberg  
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IN0015 Greek Coins and Their Values, Vol. 1 Europe 2008 Sear / Spink  
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IN0179 Standard Catalog of Stocks & Bonds 2002 Stahlberg  
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IN0045 Standard Catalog of World Coins, Vol. 2 1985 Bruce, editor  
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IN0130 The Authoritative Reference on Liberty Seated Twenty Cents 2013 Wexler & Flynn  
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IN0181 U.S. Gold Dollars 1849-1889 1975 Akers  
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IN0182 U.S. Quarter Eagles 1796-1929 1975 Akers  
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