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PAN members, Sam Deep and Josh Wadsworth, created and named the PANKidZone.  It is an extremely popular event for children up to 17 years of age.  The program is presented on each Saturday in conjunction with the PAN Coin Show and Convention every May and October.

Admittance and activities are free for young people and their families.  Possibly returning after 2 years is our extremely popular Lincoln Cent tables covered with Lincoln Cents from 1909 to 2009.  Kids are encouraged to sift through our 10,000 plus Cents and pluck out needed Cents for their folders.  We provide a Cent folder to display their findings. All free of charge.  We have already had one youngster complete the entire album (except two dates) from our donated Cents.  Many of our regular attendees bring their albums along to each show and continue to fill in the gaps. If your Parents or You are uncomfortable working with other Kids at a table, we will be happy to provide you with two rolls of Lincolns to go through when you get home.

There are more auction dollar giveaways spread throughout an interactive talk presented by Bob Stakeley, affiliated with the John Heinz History Center.  Bob has a great deal of experience presenting fun and informative talks geared toward children and adults.  He usually ties in a topic that is currently being presented at the Heinz History center.  It is always a fun question and answer format that allows the young people to earn PAN Auction Dollars that can be used during the kid’s auction.   The auction is the most popular and favorite activity by far for the enthusiastic participants.

PAN is always looking for donations to sustain the PANKidZone.  If you are a dealer or collector and would like to donate numismatic material to the KidZone, either drop them off at the Registration desk on Thursday or Friday or take them directly to the KidZone table on Saturday.


PANKidZone – Saturday May 18, 2024





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The above photo shows about half of the 62 registered participants from a past event.  The others were roaming the bourse floor looking for a deal!

Wear your T-Shirt to the next PAN Show and get 3 PAN Auction Dollars!

Bring along a first time friend and get 5 PAN Auction Dollars!

Next PANKidZone Program – Saturday May 18, 2024

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