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State Associations


The purpose of this page is to have an easy access to the state numismatic associations across the country. PAN would like to create a clearinghouse of ideas, suggestions, information sharing, and relevant topics that state associations encounter.

The sharing of ideas, successes and pitfalls of running a successful coin show, increasing membership, creating a good publication, and fundraising are just a few of many things that state organizations look to improve upon. The collaboration and co-operation between the state level associations can fast track improvement and enable everyone to benefit.

PAN would like to invite more state organizations to this list and would also request a direct email address to your state association to help facilitate a dialog towards a common goal of success, longevity, and prosperity. If you would like to be a part of it and be included in an email circle to help us create a shared discussion group, then please contact us at our PAN email

Please help us expand this listing with any updates or state association links. You are welcome and encouraged to share this page on your own state website.

State Numismatic Associations

California State Numismatic Association
Central States Numismatic Society
Florida United Numismatists
Garden State Numismatic Association
Georgia Numismatic Association
Hawaii State Numismatic Association
Iowa Numismatic Association
Illinois Numismatic Association
Indiana State Numismatic Association
Kansas Numismatic Association
Maryland State Numismatic Association
Michigan State Numismatic Society
Missouri Numismatic Society
Mountain State Numismatic Society
Numismatists of Wisconsin
North Carolina Numismatic Association
Northern California Numismatic Association
Ohio State Numismatic Association
Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association
Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists
South Carolina Numismatic Association
Tennessee State Numismatic Society
Texas Numismatic Association
Virginia Numismatic Association

National Numismatic Associations

American Numismatic Association
American Numismatic Society
Professional Numismatists Guild
Industry Council for Tangible Assets ICTA

Specialized Numismatic Associations & Websites

John Reich Collectors Society
Liberty Seated Collectors Club
Numismatic Bibliomania Society
Numismatic Crime Information Center
American Israel Numismatic Association
Whitman Expo

John Reich Collectors Society