PAN President and CCAC member Tom Uram received a FedEx package and wanted retired U.S. 12th Chief Engraver John Mercanti to be the one to open it. It turns out it was the soon to be released Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle 2016 Bi-metal Coin from The Perth Mint that John designed. Mr. Mercanti had not seen his finished creation until he pealed off the bubble wrap and opened the box. He was awestruck at how well it turned out! John has been doing work for the Australian mint since his retirement. He is delighted at the popularity of his wedge tailed eagle design. The look on Mr. and Mrs. Mercanti’s faces was wonderful. PAN invited John to be a guest at the show to honor his American Silver Eagle design on the 30th anniversary of the popular silver bullion. As with any birthday celebration, it is very nice to open a package and PAN was fortunate to be the venue for the birthday surprise. Just to be clear Tom kept his coin. They are delayed as yet from the Perth Mint. There are some available through some of the large coin companies. The cost for the 1/2 oz silver, 1/2 oz gold is somewhere in the $1,700 range. John will have to buy his own.