Living History Print


The 8″x10″ color print is mounted on a 11”x14” black beveled mat.  Purchase does not include a picture frame.

The $25 price includes shipping in continental United States and handling costs.

All proceeds benefit PAN’s Living American History Program.

Thank you from Abe, Ben and George.  Please encourage other major coin shows to make us part of their events!

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Numismatic Coin and Medal Artist / Designer Jamie Franki created and donated the original piece of art depicting PAN’s Living American History performers to support and fundraise for PAN’s  Living American History Program that continues to be a very popular addition at major coin shows across the country.  Coin dealer David Siebert owner of The Coin Collector was the winning bidder at $1,400 that took place on Thursday evening October 19th  2023 PAN Banquet.

This small print Photo image features living history portrayers Dennis Boggs as Abraham Lincoln, Patrick McBride as Benjamin Franklin, and Curt Radabaugh as George Washington. In Jamie’s words, “Those of you who frequent coin shows will likely recognize these three fine fellows, who bring American history to life for kids of all ages. I made this mixed-media artwork as a donation to the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists’ Living History educational program. A one of a kind 16×20 framed canvas print of my artwork will be auctioned by PAN at their upcoming Fall Coin Show. I wanted the image to be educational so each of their alter egos has a quintessential idea we associate with them, Lincoln has his Gettysburg address, Franklin has his electricity experiment, Washington has his Colonial battle flag and falling Christmas snow from his Delaware crossing.”